An Introduction For J Lo perfume

Because I know Jennifer Lopez is multi-talented, I gave her first j lo perfume, “Glow” a chance. I was in no way disappointed; it aromas so great! I frequently be given compliments while i use it. The smell also will last mostly all day long. I can spray the perfume at 6 o’clock every day and there will still be hints from it on me at 10 o’clock at nighttime; this is definitely a quality fragrance! “Glow” contains a nice, pleasant scent. Probably none of other colognes can compare to it. It had been her first perfume and it’s continue to the only one I order. It is a bit pricey, specially in retail stores, so take into consideration purchasing it on the internet as I do. I save lots of money. Such as, at Target and Macy’s, I have seen the 3.4 ounces bottle of “Glow” cost between $37.00 and $40.00, but I acquired mine from ebay for any little around $20.00. Ladies, young and old, do yourself a big favor and buy this divine aroma!

I think you will really loved this j lo perfume b/c i do. This is my favourite scent! i will be the kind of woman that dislikes “strong, heavy” colognes like Chanel No.5 and what elderly women like to use. not saying that Chanel scents terrible, but it really’s not the things i’m into. I really like to smell sugary and girly. I discover while wearing sweet ones as opposed to heavy stuff people always ask what are you putting on? So if you’ve got the exact same choices as me you’ll enjoy this. J Lo definitely offers good quality. As j.lo described its perfume (in a press conference), it is really “fresh, soapy, sexy, clean.” the best way to sum this perfume is, it has a sweet. Before this came out, this is the aroma i always aspired to smell like: sugary but not too sweet, and not overempowering; just mild and natural. The bottle is attractive! so sexy and stylish like j.lo herself. It’s this diamond necklace and when you look at it, it simply causes you to feel like you’re a star. it is really good, check it out!

Not overpowering… good if you wish to smell nice but is not scare any one. I could wear it while not having to be worried about it staying overpowering in which people walk away. Now people will move towards me and during the talk says wow just what are you wearing. Enough said.

I enjoy putting on jennifer lopez fragrance to work in warmer weather. This has to be a classic scent. Just don’t spray a lot because it can be strong! I get headaches from many colognes, but this was is nice. I’d personally recommend it.

I really like this aroma. I started using it around 6 years back, which is continue to my favorite parfum in spite of the quite a few I’ve had over the years. Love Glow by (and mainly just the original, not the spin offs)!

is the perfect cologne for work as it’s not at all an over powering smell.